Instant Bling Clean

Our product helps you clean multiple items at a time. This jewelry cleaner is reusable for 100's of cleanings costing only pennies per use. This universal jewelry cleaner solution does not contain ammonia or alcohol. Non flammable and non toxic. This powerful premium jewelry cleaning liquid is designed to clean hard to reach areas of your jewelry like class rings and filigree items. Created by a Graduate Gemologist - Jewelry Appraiser and Cosmetic Chemist. We use the finest ingredients. The product is highly recommended and has already earned a thumbs up on Fox News Deal or Dud. Order Now to see for yourself.

Why Instant Bling Clean:
  1. Our jewelry cleaning solution does not contain Alcohol and Ammonia.
  2. Even costume jewelry sparkles like new after use of our jewelry cleaner liquid. Just swish and rinse (do not leave artificial jewelry in the liquid). Safe to clean, Pearls, Opal, Emeralds and all other gemstones.
  3. Heavily soiled fine jewelry items. Jewelry may be left in the solution for 5 minutes to overnight for best results.
  4. Fine jewelry can be stored in the solution.
  5. Safe to clean the following: diamond jewelry, costume jewelry, Fine Jewelry, metals, watches, bands, gold, platinum, CZ, pearls, bead jewelry, turquoise, opals, emeralds.
  6. WILL NOT remove antiquing from silver or class rings.

Extremely easy to use, just add up to 16 ounces of water to our jewelry cleaning concentrated solution. Use our oversized, wide mouth 16 oz jumbo jewelry jar. Our jewelry cleaning solution is hassle-free. The packets are designed to take on travels. Order Now and have a hassle free jewelry cleaning experience

100 Percent money back guarantee. Made responsibly in the USA